Oregon State Police Hazardous Device Technicians urge coastal visitors and residents to be aware of a potential safety hazard following a recent increase in reported findings of Marine Markers along the Oregon coast. The marking device can be dangerous and reported findings require a response by trained personnel for removal.

Three Mark 25 Marine Markers have been found along the Oregon coast. Normally there's one report a month, but three in a week is very unusual.

Used to mark floating locations, Marine Markers are used by military aircraft over the ocean. These devices contain white phosphorous, which burns in contact with air. Devices may malfunction, but even if they do fully function there is a possibility that some white phosphorous may be remaining and could spontaneously ignite, causing serious injury.

If you find a Marine Marker device don't touch it, secure the area 100 feet in each direction, and call OSP Northern Command Center at 800-452-7888.