Portland Police say it's a case of road rage.  On Thursday, police say 29-year-old Celine Geday was driving a Volkswagen Jetta downtown, when she cut off a cyclist in traffic.  The bicyclist, 47-year-old Brian Groce, rode up to the car and told Geday what happened.  She honked, and at the next light, Jackson and Broadway, she swerved into Groce, intentionally knocking him off his bike.  Fortunately, he was not seriously injured.

Because police say this act was on purpose, detectives were called to the scene instead of traffic investigators.  Geday is now charged with Assault in the Second Degree. 

Portland Sergeant Pete Simpson says there are often altercations between cyclists and drivers, but rarely does something intentional like this happen.  He also says if you are cut off in traffic, or get into a road rage incident with a driver, you should always just get the plate number and call police.