A former Portland Boy Scout filed a $5.3 million dollar child sex abuse lawsuit against the national and local Cascade Pacific Council of the Boy Scouts of America Wednesday.

 The man, referred to as "Jim Smith" in the suit, claims he was sexually abused in the mid-1970's, by a pedophile Scout leader in Portland Scout Pack 75.  

Smith's attorney, Steve Crew, says before his client's abuse, the Scouts fired Calvin Malone for serving alcohol to minors.  The organization opened one of their secret "ineligible volunteer" files on Malone, but reinstated him as a Scout leader in 1974, with no warnings to parents.

Malone has testified that he went on to abuse many more boys over more than 10 years as a Scoutmaster in Oregon, Washington, Montana, California and Alabama, as well as Germany and Switzerland.

Malone is currently being held in a special sex offender detention center on McNeil Island, near Seattle, after 1993 convictions for Rape and Child Molestation in Snohomish County.

Another former Scoutmaster, Steven Terry Hill, has been accused in multiple lawsuits of sexually abusing Boy Scouts in the late 1970's.