Early Monday morning, the fire alarm sounded and sprinklers activated in the Oak Street Building in Southeast Portland.  There was a fire in a second floor apartment.

When the first firefighters arrived they found smoke and at least one resident who refused to leave.  They called police.  

The resident eventually left the building after seeing the smoke.

Firefighters quickly put out the fire.

Crews remain on scene working to clear smoke and water from the building. 

No injuries to civilians or firefighters are reported as a result of this fire. A fire investigator is on scene working to determine cause and prepare a damage estimate. 

PF&R reminds all citizens to "Get Out and Stay Out" whenever a building is involved with fire. First, the decision to delay evacuation of a burning building can be lethal. Second, firefighters forced to deal with uncooperative occupants are unable to perform other necessary tasks. Finally, others could see you and believe it is safe to remain inside--placing themselves in increased and unnecessary danger.