Investigators return to the scene in North Plains Thursday after a suspected gunman was killed and the house he was in was destroyed by fire.

It began Wednesdayaround 11:15 a.m., Washington County Sheriff's Deputies responded to an incident at 35053 NW Mountaindale Road in the community of North Plains, where someone was allegedly shot with a gun. Minutes later a deputy arrived and located James Crandall, 24, in a vehicle with a gunshot wound to his upper abdomen. The vehicle was parked across the street from where he was originally shot. The vehicle was driven by his mother, 49 year-old Pamela Crandall. The deputy was able to move the vehicle to a safe location to help Crandall into an ambulance and get him transported to a local hospital.

The initial information given to the deputies was that Brian Olson, 30, and Crandall had been in a dispute at the home that all three people shared. Brian Olson is a male companion of Pamela Crandall. At some point during the dispute, Olson shot Crandall with a high powered rifle and then retreated into his house. The house was contained by deputies who also closed down NW Mountaindale Road at the Dairy Creek Road intersection to keep traffic safe from any potential future assaults by Olson.

The Washington County Tactical Negotiations Team (TNT) and the Crisis Negotiations Unit (CNU) responded to attempt communication with Olson for a peaceful resolution. After all remote communication attempts failed, TNT moved into a position close to the house and loud hailed for Olson to exit the house and surrender. Olson continued to ignore all attempts of communication and stayed barricaded in the house.

After several dozen unsuccessful communication attempts, TNT deployed gas canisters into the house to prompt Olson to surrender. Shortly after the gas was deployed, deputies saw a fire develop inside the house. Fire personnel were unable to extinguish the fire due to the belief that Olson was inside armed with a rifle. It is not yet known if Olson or the gas deployment started the fire.

As the house filled with smoke, deputies heard what they believed to be a single gunshot from inside the house. There was a period of time until it was safe for fire personnel to extinguish the fire. Shortly after the fire was out, investigators discovered Olson deceased inside the house.

Washington County Violent Crimes Unit Detectives, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue investigators, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are assisting with the investigation. It is expected to take at least two days to determine the cause of the fire and the cause of Olson's death.