The search for a new Beaver FB coach continues!


I missed by first civil war football game in 13 years last weekend. Guess what, everybody says I was the lucky one. I did witness it. I was in Durham, North Carolina broadcasting the Oregon State Women's basketball game against 16th-ranked Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium. The 18th-ranked Beavers were down 58-57 with three minutes to go. The senior-laden Blue Devils forced a couple of turnovers on Oregon State and the Beavs let is slip away 72-65. Great game and it bodes well for the season that the young OSU squad hung with a national power again. 

Now after the game...we looked for Durham's best BBQ. It turns out "THE PIT" was the place to go. They had one flat-screen TV and I talked them into putting on ESPN 2 so we could watch the Civil War game and see how the Beavs would fare in their last game of the season. Honestly, I don't think I have ever seen a worse game than the 121st Civil was over by the time I had finished my beef brisket appetizer. 

I feel bad for the players who felt the pain of a 1-11 season. I wonder what happened that allowed a possible bowl team before the season turn into a first-rate debacle. I know that many Beaver fans are fed up.....disenchanted and worried. The Gary Anderson era was really disappointing so what now? I posted this news conference by Cal OC Beau Baldwin to get a taste of his personality and demeanor. Is he the guy? I know he has to be on a short list of candidates. Will he be a good fit in Corvallis? I do like the fact he has a great offensive mind and his so-called audition when the Beavs went to Berkeley was impressive. I don't know who will be the next coach....but keep an eye on this soon as I get word we will have it here!!


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