Greg Oden checks in with Rip City Radio

This Thanksgiving holiday will be the greatest collection of college basketball and future NBA talent that has ever been together in one city as we celebrate Phil Knight’s birthday with the PK 80. The greatest names in coaching will be in attendance as will former Blazers center Greg Oden. He joined Rip City Drive Tuesday to talk about his career since he left the Rose City and this week’s events.

Oden is working his way towards earning his degree and becoming a coach, but he also spends a great deal of time speaking to students and organizations about how to deal with life when reality doesn’t quite meet up with expectations.

“I just feel like for me and telling my story, I would like to have an ending because if I was to hear a motivational speaker, I would like to see the good at the end of the story, so that’s kind of how I’ve been going about it right now.”

Oden also said he has no hard feelings towards Portland and that he’s not nervous about his return to Rip City.

“No, my best friend still lives there and I’ve got some pretty good friends still up there, so I’m actually excited.”

He also talked about how he describes the city of Portland to others.

“I mean, I tell them that it rains a lot, but the summers there cannot be beat, the people are so nice and the food is amazing.”

Take a listen to the great interview and be sure to look for him as he makes his return to Portland for the PK 80.

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