Ken Simonton is overjoyed for Jonathan Smith

Earlier today, the news broke that former Oregon State quarterback and Washington Huskies offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith would be named the new head coach of the Beavers. His former teammate Ken Simonton joined Travis and Chad on the Rip City Drive to give his thoughts on the hiring.

Simonton insists, the Beavers got the right man for the job.

"Very excited for Jonathan. From the time I met that guy, his only focus was to coach this game. He’s put in the work and you couldn’t do anything but be excited for him getting this opportunity, especially at his alma mater."

Simonton also had this to say when asked whether he'd be interested in a position on the coaching staff:

"I’m Oregon State. I live it. I love it. I get calls all the time about this and that and the other. I’m always here. I’m always available. I wouldn’t rule out anything. I’m with that brother whatever he does just like I’m working with Scott Barnes to see that there are opportunities for men who are looking to participate in any way to build this Beaver nation, so I’m already aboard."

Finally Simonton gave his response to those who think Smith is too inexperienced for this job.

"You’re never a head coach until you are. If David Shaw at Stanford was a head coach prior to, I don’t know where it was and I don’t think anybody cared. You just want to see, can the man handle the position? He’s been a coordinator at a high level program. He’s earned the right, and more than anything, you want somebody who’s committed to Oregon State and not using this as a stepping stone, and if he has that orange and black pedigree, even better."

Take a listen to the fantastic interview and be sure to tune into Rip City Radio tomorrow to hear new Beavers coach Jonathan Smith. 

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