Beavs move up to #7 in latest D1 Poll!


The Beavers looked like the Beavers we thought we would see at the start of the season in Springfield, Missouri. They completely dominate the Missouri State Bears 17-6 and 10-2. Weather prevented the two teams from playing a third game. Here is the latest D1 poll and you can see Oregon State is moving back up in the Top Ten.


1. FLORIDA         32-6

2. STANFORD     27-5

3. ARKANSAS     27-10

4.. NC STATE      26-7

5. TEX TECH       29-8

6..KENTUCKY     25-11

7. Oregon St.     26-6

8. INDIANA        26-6

9. DUKE              30-7

10. VANDY         22-14

Now the Beavers return to Pac-12 Conference play on Thursday. A three-game series against the Ducks. The Civil War match up begins on the 19th at 5:30 on 103.7 THE LEGEND.


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