Major League Baseball passes on Luke Heimlich

luke heimlich

Luke Heimlich has the potential to pitch in the majors. No one doubts that if he gets the opportunity he would make the most of it. But Major League Baseball turned its back on the Lefty by ignoring him in the 40 rounds of the draft this week. Its the second straight draft they passed on the Senior from Puyallup, Washington.

He has been lights out for the Beavers leading college baseball with a 15-1 record. 142 strikeouts and just 25 walks in 111 2/3 innings pitched. His ERA IS 2.42.

But the professional baseball folks just see one thing....when he pleaded guilty in 2012 of one count of molesting a six-year old family member. Apparently, the attention his signing would bring is too much of a distraction for any Major League Team. 

So Heimlich and his teammates must focus on what is happening now. The Super Regional. Minnesota tomorrow at Goss. He may get an opportunity to sign as a free agent but he can focus on that after the end of the season. 

In recent weeks, Heimlich has said he never molested anyone when he was 15. He told two major publications...Sports Illustrated and the New York Times that "nothing ever happened".

Tomorrow's game will be on Rip City Radio 620. Mike Parker and Jim Wilson will be on the air at 1:30 with the pregame show. First Pitch a little after 2:pm.

Heimlich or Bryce Fehmel will get the start. And whoever starts tomorrow...the other pitcher will most likely  go in Game 2 Saturday.


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