Mike Riley leaves to be head coach in San Antonio!!

mike riley

Well be sure to check today's news conference in San Antonio. About ten minutes in is Mike Riley talking about his return to San Antonio. You see, Mike Riley was the head coach of the San Antonio Riders of the World League of American Football back in 1991 and 92. 

The 65-year old Riley says he still wants to be a head coach and this is an awesome fit. He already has a house outside of San Antonio. He also says he wants to help out Jonathan Smith and the Beavers on an advisory basis. Darryl "MOOSE" Johnston will be the San Antonio GM. Johnston was a fullback for the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990's.

Riley will keep Corvallis as his home base because of the tons of family he has in the Willamette Valley and will be ready for his new head coaching debut next February when the AAAF will begin play.


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