07/05 Pat Casey FULL interview

We had THE head coach of Oregon State Beavers baseball team THE one and only Pat Casey on the show with us this morning! We talk with Coach about his fourth of July and he told us it was a relaxing time in Brownville and was enjoying his relaxation. We also talk with the coach about the season and how he knows that this season was very special and this might be one of the best teams he has EVER coached but does not want to disrespect the other teams he has coached. We also ask the hard-hitting questions about Luke.. we ask him why he did not speak up, he had a fair answer about it saying he did not want to hurt the family, the Himlich’s, as much as they were already hurt about all of the negative stuff going on. I will put that bite into and email and send that to everyone, Nigel worded it very well.



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