Jonathan Smith on Scrimmage and Freshman on Family Fun Day!!


If you were at Reser Stadium for Family Fun Day you loved the fact the weather was more than tolerable. Right around 80 degrees. And if you watched the scrimmage you came up with some of these observations....well at least these are mine after a two-hour battle between the offense and defense.

1. The defense is ahead of the offense. No surprise is usually that way.

2. No one is a clear leader for the starting QB job although Jake Luton and Conor Blount both had good moments.

3. Two freshmen clearly are making a quick transition to college football. Running Back Jermar Jefferson and Wide Receiver Jesiah Irish looked impressive and in this person's opinion might hel;p out this offense a lot in 2018 (very early of course to say that so let's put it in the possible catagory.)

4. Special teams aren't special yet but I liked Coach Smith's answer when I asked him about it.

More scrimmages and stuff to come....make sure you keep tabs here at for all of your Beaver info!!


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