Beaver Bowling in Bend! Coach Jonathan Smith previews scrimmage!


BEND- The Beavers have taken over Bend! Well at least the Sun Mountain Fun Center. After a few weeks of battling each other on the football was time for a little fun and relaxation at the Sun Mountain Fun Center here in Bend. Add bowling to the free throw contest....the wheelbarrow relay and water balloon battle. The players bowled two games and will prepare for tomorrow's noon scrimmage at Summit High School here in Bend. As y9u will hear from Coach Smith, the Beavers are using this trip to Bend to mimic a typical college football road trip. Come into town and have a walk through at the stadium.

The Beavers opener at Ohio State starts at noon so that is why tomorrow;s scrimmage is a Noon start. Starting jobs are on the line in some spots so it should be pretty darn interesting. Now they say there are 22 Breweries here in I have time for that????hmmmmm


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