09/03 Mike Parker FULL interview

We got the voice of the Beavers Mike Parker is on the show this morning with us! We ask right at the top of the show if Luton is OK, after receiving a concussion in his first series with the Beavers. As of now, we do not have a word on whether he is okay to return next week. We then talk about how this Beaver offense looked a lot better than previous years! This is game 1, but it still looked as though the Beavs were ready to go this game but just did not execute well against them. We also talk about the defense and how they need a lot more improvement than last Saturday, but again, it is only week 1 in this college football year. We then talk about the second half, where the Beavs showed a lot of stuff in the later half, so we are excited to see where this team will be heading into the season this year.



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