Jonathan Smith on Buckeyes and home opener vs Southern Utah!


I have enjoyed the usual banter from fans and media types on social media about game one of the Jonathan Smith era. Some folks who just look at the final score say pretty much the same thing: what a beatdown. How can you draw anything from a 77-31 blasting!?!

Others are a little more introspective and think about how bad things were last season and how much better the entire program looked yesterday. I am on the sidelines during the game so I always DVR the game and then watch it at home.

The offense is soooooo much better than last season. Ohio State was a little confused by the Beaver game plan. Add to it....the early turnover was because of an injury to Jake Luton who didn't return after that series. Yah the Buckeyes defense had a sack party during the game but overall....31 points on the #5 team in the country is suprizing.

The defense needs work but I wonder how many Pac-12 teams could keep Ohio State under 50.

Check out the Jonathan Smith comments from earlier today!!

The Southern Utah game is set for 5:02pm with our pregame coverage on 1190 KEX set for 2;pm


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