09/06 Eytan Shander FULL show

We got our Philly correspondend Eytan Shander on the show with us right now! We talk with Eytan about the start of the NFL season and the first game with the Eagles that is later tonight! We talk with Eytan and some fantasy football talk where Nigel did not join his fantasy league but it was kinda Eytan’s fault in the long run because he had way to many people in the league. We talk with Eytan also about Nick Foles in starting spot, and how people are looking a little scared as to how they feel about Nick starting, where is he was a little rocky in the pre-season. We also talk about the statue with Nick Foles and Doug Peterson that Eytan does not like, along with the Rocky statue as well. Also, we talk about how Malcom Jenkins is doing his best to try and get his message across to people that this is more than kneeling for the flag.



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