09/24 Terry Stotts FULL interview

We got the MAN himself with us this morning, Terry Stotts, in studio for the first time ever I believe with us. We talk with Terry in the next two segments on a lot of topics related to the Blazers, obviously. We talk with Coach about Blazer media day and how he is somewhat a veteran when it comes to this and how this day is somewhat of a breeze for him, we then ask him about the engement of CJ McCollum and his longtime girlfriend, and is there really a gift that you have to get them? Important questions being asked here. We talk to him about the offseason and how he spends it on vacation with his wife and traveling, connecting with Blazers , and reading a lot over the off-season. We then ask some tough questions regarding free agency and how losing Ed Davis was hurtful, but it is the NBA, and they have to move on as team but will miss him, but this will be a good chance for Zach Collins to step up. Overall a great interview with Stotts this morning.



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