10/04 Mike Parker FULL interview

We got the voice of the Beavers on the show with us this morning, Mike Parker, on the show with us this morning! We talk with Mike to check on him, to see how he is doing this season with a very lack luster start to the season. We all somewhat saw this coming, but we were not going to say it out loud about this season. We also ask Mike about.. how did the Beavers get here to 1 win seasons. The Beavers are rebuilding, but fans are somewhat getting tired of it and want the Beavers to make waves and moves like they used to back in the day. This will take time. The Beavers are making way for their opponent this weekend against the Cougs. They are going to force the Cougs to run the ball on Saturday and play some good pass defense, most of the cougs offense is a pass play, so if they can switch it up, they could win but the Beavs should be prepared for an air assault this weekend.



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