Rick Springfield Talks Music, Writing, And Incredible Hulk With Chad


I grew up listening to Rick Springfield as my brother and I would sing his songs in the backseat of the car jamming out on our cassette players. My mom loved him on television as Dr. Noah Drake on "General Hospital." I think he is one of the few men she would consider leaving my father for.

All joking aside, Springfield is a talent. I got my first taste of him on the Incredible Hulk TV series. He was in a couple of episodes and was friends with Dr. David Banner on the show, so that important to me. Any friend of the Hulk is a friend of mine.

Springfield has won a Grammy, recorded multiple hit songs, successful acting career, and has become a good writer. I had a chance to catch up with him and discuss his career.

You can hear the conversation on the latest episode of the "What's Chad Doing" podcast.

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