Why Enes Kanter Won't Be Back In Blazers' Uniform Next Season

Enes Kanter, Seth Curry, and Rodney Hood have been solid additions to the Trail Blazers this season, and with the injuries the team has suffered to both CJ McCollum and Jusuf Nurkic it's hard to imagine where the team would be without them.

Unfortunately for the Trail Blazers, Kanter, Hood, and Curry are probably too good for them to retain going into next season. Due to Portland's salary cap situation, they will have very few dollars to spend on free agents especially when decisions will need to be made on Jake Layman and Al-Farouq Aminu.

Since there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the NBA salary cap rules and what the Blazers face this off season, I asked my partner Travis Demers to address a few questions.

  • Why won't Kanter, Hood, and Curry return next year?
  • Why would it be difficult to shed salary in order to make a viable offer to one if not all three?
  • Why wouldn't Kanter take a discount to stay on a team he likes?

You can hear the discussion on the latest episode of the "What's Chad Doing" podcast.

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