Chad Doing High On Laughing Gas Talking Jusuf Nurkic And Puppy Schotz

Like most of you, I am not a big fan of the dentist. I don't like to go, I feel uncomfortable sitting in the chair, and as a result my blood pressure climbs raising my anxiety to uncomfortable levels. Problem is, I can't stop going to the dentist. I want a clean mouth, I desire good hygiene, and I want the majority of my God-given teeth until the day I die.

In order to deal with my anxiety while I am sitting in the chair, I turn to the laughing gas. It helps me relax and produces an incredible sensation of euphoria while the dentist does his work.

To help those who have fear of the dentist, I agreed to join the "Drilled Podcast" with Dr. Brady Smith and Joshua Dean. There job was to interview me while my teeth were being cleaned and the nitrous oxide was flowing.

If you have ever wondered what I sound like under-the-influence, now is your chance. Unfortunately for me, they got me talking about my two favorite topics- Jusuf Nurkic and Puppy Schotz.

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