Former Beav Katie McWilliams welcomed back to Corvallis!

The crowd of 5,534 stood when P.A. Announcer Mat Kaman introduced her. Katie McWilliams, one of the most talented and popular Oregon State basketball players was welcomed back to Gill. She played 138 games for Scott Rueck during her four seasons from 2015-16 thru 1018-19 and won 114!

Currently Katie is showing off her skills as a professional basketball player in Germany for the Girolive Panthers. Here is her most recent tweet from Germany just before she came home for the holidays:

It is so great to continue her basketball career as a professional. She returns this week for the second half of the season in Germany. She dropped by my broadcast position at Gill for a halftime interview!

You can tell how proud she is of this current Oregon State Women's hoop team. They are ranked #3 in the nationl again this week in the AP Poll and garnered their most first-place votes ever with five.

You can keep track of her exploits in Germany by following her twitter address. @KT_MAC10

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