Propane Tank Explosion Rips Apart Minivan, Injures Person In North Portland

A propane tank explosion left a person hurt and a vehicle wrecked in north Portland, according to KATU.

The incident happened Tuesday morning near the intersection of North Basin Avenue and Emerson Street, according to Portland Fire & Rescue. A "modified cooking device" was reportedly sitting inside a minivan and attached to a five-gallon propane tank.

That's when the tank exploded, "ripping apart" the vehicle and injuring the person living inside, PFR wrote on Twitter. The person was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening burns, reporters said.

Photos from first responders who the extend of the damage on the minivan, including two doors hanging off its hinges. Personal belongings and clothes appears to be blown out of the vehicle, as well.

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Photo: Portland Fire & Rescue