This Is The Best 'Hole-In-The-Wall' Pizza Place In Oregon

Everyone loves pizza.

One website was recently on a quest to find the best "hole-in-the-wall" joints across America. put out a list of low-key pizzerias that serve up some delicious pies. While they may be off the beaten path or require a little searching, they will be well worth the find. They touched on most states in the nation, finding joints in small towns to major metro areas.

So, where's the best out-of-sight place in Oregon to get a slice?

That honor goes to the food truck Red Road Pizza Company! Here's what the website had to say about the business:

"Since food trucks became popular, there are more and more of them slinging slices all around the country. Red Road Pizza in Oregon travels between Redmond and Bend, bringing its creative pizzas to wherever will have them. Scope out a seat wherever they land and try pies like the Chicken Choke with pesto and artichokes or the Spicy Jah with different kinds of peppers."

If you happen to be in the central Oregon area, try and catch the food truck so you can sample their yummy pizza!

Photo: Getty Images