Police Respond To Man With A Gun

Portland Police responded to a report of a man armed with a gun and found he was armed with a replica gun.

Wednesday afternoon, Portland Police officers assigned to Central Precinct responded to the area of Southwest 5th Avenue and Southwest Alder Street regarding a suspicious person with a gun.

A security officer taking a break from work encountered a man walking in a parking garage who said he was looking for his probation officer and then displayed a gun in his waistband to the security officer. The security officer was concerned by this display and called police to provide a description of the man and his behavior.

Officers searched the blocks and found the man with the gun near Southwest 5th Avenue and Southwest Alder Street. The man was known to officers and quickly admitted he was carrying a replica firearm, which officers safely removed from him.

Officers connected the man with his probation officer. Since there was no crime, the man was free to leave. Officers informed the original caller of the circumstances. The man turned the replica firearm over to police as found property, and they delivered it to the property room.

Carrying or displaying replica firearms can be dangerous for the person carrying and for the community, and draws significant police resources. Central Precinct officers were pleased to remove this replica firearm from circulation, peacefully resolving this call.

Source: Portland Police Bureau