Oregon Detective Dives Into River To Get Bag Of Meth Tossed Off Bridge

A narcoctics detective jumped into a cold river to retrieve a bag of meth Tuesday (April 6) after a suspect tossed the drugs off a bridge, according to KOMO.

"The bag contained approximately 472 grams of methamphetamine, which is more than one pound," according to the Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team. "That is a very large amount of methamphetamine which is not a personal use amount. For context, the typical addict would use only approximately one gram per day, on average."

Investigators were following 60-year-old Robert Paul Muniain, of Oakdale, California, as part of an ongoing drug investigation, team officials said. Detectives followed Muniain on Interstate 5 near Myrtle Creek, Oregon. Muniain reportedly slowed down at first but refused to stop before exiting the freeway in Myrtle Creek.

Officials said the suspect then crossed the bridge over the South Umpqua River, where he allegedly threw a bag out the vehicle window and into the river below.

That's when the detective dove into the river and swam to the bag. "The detective emerged very wet and cold, but otherwise uninjured," narcotics team officials said.

As for Muniain, investigators said stopped the vehicle and complied with authorities after throwing the drugs. He was arrested for investigation of unlawful possession and unlawful delivery of methamphetamine.

Photo: Getty Images