Portland Restaurant Shuts Down After Couple Allegedly Refuses To Wear Masks

A Portland pizza restaurant said they were forced to close over the weekend due to alleged harassment by a couple refusing to wear masks, KATU reported.

The confrontation went down around dinnertime last Thursday (April 8) at Boxcar Pizza, owner Odie O'Connor told reporters. The customers were asked to wait outside after telling staff about their medical exemption, O'Connor claimed.

“Then they became like really aggressive. They tried to come behind the counter, take other people’s pizzas. The man picked up my employee’s drink and spit into it," he said. O'Connor said the restaurant was closed for an hour and remained close on Friday (April 9).

"We had actually also been closed up until two weeks ago for about two months because our oven broke," he said. "So we had just reopened again, and Friday is the busiest night of the week, and I was kind of worried about scaring people away too, and they’re going like, 'What is going on down there?'"

KATU said the incident put other restaurants on high alert. Some business owners told reporters they haven't had issues like this.

O'Connor suggests owners make a plan in case situations like this happen in the future.

Photo: Getty Images