Tyreek Hill Paying Salary Of Photog Suspended By NFL For TD Celebration

Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins

Photo: Getty Images

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill said he plans to pay the salary of the photographer who was recently suspended by the NFL for helping him with a touchdown celebration.

Hill told reporters that he and Kevin 'kFitz' Fitzgibbons have "a long history together" and that he assured him "I was going to cover his salary, whatever the NFL was going to pay him."

"I told him I was going to make sure that I do what’s right and take care of you, make sure you’re not out of a job. That’s my guy," Hill said via NBC 6's Giselle Espinales.

Fitzgibbons, 20, has a video on his X account in which he explains that he initially reached out to Hill on Instagram and "offered to film him a free video" during his junior year of high school "and I've been working for him since." The incident that led to the photographer's suspension took place during the Dolphins' Week 6 game against the Carolina Panthers on October 15.

Hill caught a 41-yard touchdown pass from Tua Tagovailoa with 1:54 remaining in the second quarter and happened to be in the end zone where Fitzgibbons was standing. The All-Pro receiver grabbed the photographer's camera, turned it to face himself and did a backflip before handing it back, which resulted in a 15-yard penalty.

Fitzgibbons was covering Dolphins games for the NFL during the 2023 season prior to his suspension. The video footage taken by Hill was initially shared to the league's United Kingdom X account before being deleted minutes later.

The NFL's decision was criticized by many including NBA superstar LeBron James, who said it was "F'd UP" and called on the NFL to "Do better" in an Instagram story.

Hill, who currently leads all NFL wide receivers with 1,324 yards and 10 touchdowns, as well as ranking third in receptions, said he plans to continue working with Fitzgibbons regardless of the photographer's suspension.

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