Bill Plaschke: Rob Manfred's Actions Were Damaging to Baseball

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Houston Astros - Game Four

LA Times writer Bill Plaschke joined The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker to discuss Rob Manfred's latest press conference regarding the Houston Astros Scandal. Plaschke explains his point of view of the situation believing Manfred's actions/inaction and the Astros' players being granted immunity over punishment to be a giant error in judgment.

Bill Plaschke says the following:

"The way Rob Manfred has handled everything has changed everything. Hearing the Astros apologize was like having a guy apologize for stealing a car while the Cadillac is sitting in their driveway and he's getting ready to drive it off. He's got his car, they have their trophy.
If Manfred made them vacate the trophy, give back the ring, even give back the money, I think the apologies would have sounded a lot different. I think baseball players, in general, would not be so quick to want to retaliate against these guys. I think baseball wanted to see justice done and justice was not done by Manfred...he kowtowed to the owners, he doesn't belong in this game and this has proven it to me."

Listen below as Bill Plaschke elaborates on his column entitled: "Rob Manfred’s inaction is as damaging to baseball as the Astros’ cheating."

Bill Plaschke: Rob Manfred has Mishandled Houston Astros Scandal

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