Why the Cowboys Are Better Without Dak Prescott

Colin Cowherd: “Don’t confuse the truth with hate, in fact, don’t even confuse data and the truth for criticism. Here is something that you cannot argue: the Cowboys are better when they don’t use Dak much. The more and the better Zeke plays the more the Cowboys win. That is not anti-Dak, that is not saying he’s overrated, and that’s not saying he’s overpaid. Here is the data this morning on Dak Prescott –– he is 4-11 when he throws over 40 times. He’s 4-4 when he has over 400 yards, and yet he is 34-7 when he makes fewer than 32 throws. That’s like Brady and Aaron Rodgers territory. That’s not hate and it’s not criticism. There is a commonality with Dak Prescott and here it is: this year he is tied for 19th in pass attempts. His rookie year Dak was 23rd in pass attempts. In the two years of his career when he had the fewest pass attempts, his record is 17-4. Dak’s intangibles – leadership, smarts, moxxy, toughness – have always been better than his tangibles – arm and athletic ability, and it’s all playing out. The numbers are conclusive and they are inarguable. They are not anti-Dak and they’re not even criticism of Dak. Less Dak, more Zeke, fewer pass attempts, and the Cowboys are hard to beat. Don’t view it as hate or criticism, it’s just the reality of Dak.” (Full Video Above)

Check out the video above as Colin Cowherd presents the inarguable truth that the Dallas Cowboys are a better and more successful football team when Dak Prescott touches the ball LESS, despite the blossoming veteran steering the Cowboys towards the top of the NFC standings.

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