Oregon State's incredible baseball team won its 22nd straight game on Saturday although they had to dig themselves out of a big hole to improve to 55-4 and move into the Winner’s Bracket of the College World Series in Omaha.

If you are like me you were a little shocked by the opening of the contest. Light's out pitcher Jake Thompson had control issues early and that led to a three-run homer by the Titan's Timmy Richards and all of a sudden the Beavers were trailing 3-0. OSU eventually trailed 5-1 before a huge sixth inning.

The four-run outburst tied the game at 5. Then in the 8th inning, Adley Rutschman had the big hit of the game driving in what turned out to be the difference maker for Oregon State.

Rutschman had a tremendous defensive play along with left-fielder Steven Kwan to help keep the Beavers in the game.

Another standout player came out of the bullpen. Jake Mulholland pitches 4 1//3 scoreless innings and picks up his seventh win of the season.

Nick Madrigal went 2 for 4 and is red-hot at a perfect time. He is 9 for 15 in his last four games. Coach Pat Casey described his team after the comeback victory, "There is no ego on this team. .You heard these guys they play for each other. That's how we win."

Here are the highlights from the game courtesy of NCAA.COM.

Oregon State/Cal State Fullerton Highlights

The Beavers are now in the Winner's bracket. Louisiana State had their own comeback win beating Florida State 5-4. The Tigers are 49-17. That is a tremendous record but then you look at the Beavers 55-4 mark and all you can do is shake your head. That is the best record entering the CWS since Texas back in 1982. The game against LSU is set for Monday at 4:pm Pacific

time. Our coverage of the game will begin at 3:30 here on RIP CITY RADIO 620. The Tigers will be the home team.

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