10/18 Dwight Jaynes FULL interview

We got the God father himself Dwight Jaynes with us this morning! We ask Dwight the question we are all asking, will the Blazers be able to pull this off against LeBron and the Lakers in the first game? Dwight is very optimistic about tonight. The Blazers are great in home openers, but LeBron is.. well Bron. So we never know what is going to happen, but we are hopefully (maybe praying) that they will do get a win tonight. We ask Dwight about Harkless and his injury, Dwight doesn’t know what the deal is at the moment but is hopeful they are going to put him in this game and he can help out against bron bron. A kicker really quick, Dwight has said that the Blazers are going to get maybe 50 wins this season?? That a high number, but they could surprise us this year like this always do!

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