01/03 Brian Wheeler FULL interview

We got the voice of the Trail Blazers Brian Wheeler on the show this morning! we talk with Brian about the recent passing of Larry Weinberg ,  who left us just yesterday. Now Wheels did not know Larry as well as he did Paul Allen, but the fact that he was a former owner of the Blazers and one of the founders, this hits home for him and other Blazer fans who have been fans since the beginning of time. Wheels is mainly hurt by the passing of Mean Gene, who was a pivotal figure in wrestling, which Wheels is a huge fan of since forever now. We then talk about some Blazers. Nurk had a heck of a game last game, and wheels is all about it and wants him to continue to showcase his stuff with the Thunder tomorrow. We then talk about when the hell Nigel comes back from his vacation. Probably never, but we are waiting and seeing when Nigel shows back up from his month long vacation going on right now.

Rip City Mornings

Rip City Mornings

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