Denver Nuggets Take Game 1... Let's Not Panic Just Yet!

Dan Sheldon and Nigel Burton start the show off this morning with their review of last night’s matchup against the Nuggets. The Blazers lose 121-113 with Jokic doing what he does best and dominating the glass and making sure the Blazers know that this is going to be a long series without a break rest for these next few games. The Jokic flop show was on full display last night, as the refs loved every second of the Jokic flop show. It also didn’t help that the Blazers threw away 18 turnovers on what is not a normal night for the Blazers. Game 2 is on Wednesday and we hope the Blazers figure out this quick turnaround and beat this Nuggets team to tie it up.

We also talk about Billy Donovan staying with OKC, Oregon Ducks being favored by Vegas to win the Pac-12 championship, and more!

We have Trail Blazers Courtside Reporter Brooke Olzendam joining Dan Sheldon and Nigel Burton this morning!

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