Host of 95.7 FM The Game Matt Steinmetz

We got Matt Steinmetz, host of 95.7 The Game Flagship Station for the Warriors, joining Dan Sheldon and Nigel Burton this morning to preview Game 1 tonight against the Warriors.

Matt breaks down how the Blazers, even though not liked by national media, have a chance to win this game and potentially the series because of the loss of Kevin Durant not being in the mix for possibly 2 to 4 games. We also break down how the Blazers have a more feared back court than what most NBA media might say, and how the Rockets were not as mentally prepared as the Blazers are for this series. For the most part, Matt is siding with the Blazer and gives them more of a chance then what we really thought he was going to say.

At the end of the day, Matt is giving Blazer fans hope. If, of course, Kevin Durant isn’t in the mix.

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