Doug Gottlieb Rips 'Con Man' Ja Morant After Another IG Live Video With Gun

Doug Gottlieb: “What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen anyone do? I think Ja Morant is in any discussion. I don’t want to be prone to hyperbole because there’s been lots of dumb things done, but when you get suspended by the NBA for flashing a gun at a club in Denver, which causes an entire national conversation, and then after going through some form of ‘counseling’ you return to the NBA and wanna be promoted as a ‘changed man’, then to an IG video where you’re flashing a gun… Are you an idiot? You’re not the ‘idiot’ where you can’t put a sentence together, you’re not the idiot that you just don’t have the ability for cognitive thought— that’s not Ja. Ja appears to be a really bright guy. He’s fooled a lot of people for a long time. Either he’s trying to fool people with this gangster persona or he’s fooled people with the ‘I’m a good guy’ persona. Whatever he’s trying to do he’s fooled a lot of people, it’s basically two lives. It takes a special kind of con man. Doing a dumb thing on Instagram after doing a really dumb thing on Instagram strikes me as especially dumb. I don’t even have words… HOW? WHY? WHAT? What’s the win in flashing the gun? ‘I’M STILL STRAPPED!’ ‘I’M STILL DUMB!’ Congrats? I bought it [his original apology]. He had lost himself, he was feeling himself, we’ve all had a ‘feeling ourselves’ moment. The acting like you’re a thug, and acting like you’re a tough guy – all of us went through some moment in our lives, and this is very much a guy thing, where you tried to be something that you weren’t… But usually getting suspended in the NBA, getting told you’re acting like an ‘idiot’, or pretending to live a life that doesn’t exactly have a long life expectancy… In the ‘Dumbest Things You’ve Ever Seen Athletes Do’, that’s an all-timer… I can understand torpedoing yourself doing something but this is not the first time for him. He just did this, and this just happened a couple months ago.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Doug Gottlieb rip Ja Morant for another infamous run-in flashing a handgun on Instagram Live this year, as Gottlieb calls Morant’s second indefinite suspension in short order a ‘Dumbest Thing You’ve Ever Seen an Athlete Do’ nominee.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb opens up about times in his life that, like Morant, he was ‘trying to be something that he’s not.’

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