Matt Painter joins Rip City Drive

With the number 26 pick the Portland Trail Blazers selected Purdue big man Caleb Swanigan.  His former college coach Matt Painter joined Travis and Chad on Rip City Drive Friday to discuss what the Blazers are getting with their newest draft pick.

Painter says that Swanigan, although very skilled now, has so much room to grow because of his age.

"He skipped a year of high school.  So he's really a freshman in college from an age standpoint.  He's a young guy with a huge upside.  Them getting him at 26 is an absolute steal."

Painter also says that because of his background and personal journey, Swanigan won't take anything for granted.

"He's intelligent. He knows basketball. He can really pass. He can shoot. And he's hungry for it.  I think that when you want to start in the draft and you're trying to add your assets and get the right people, the hardworking, no nonsense guys that love basketball and bring a physical presence, those guys always stand out."

Finally, Painter says that one of the areas that Swanigan will be most effective is when the Blazers go small.

"If it goes small ball, you should just get him the ball on the block because he is such a good player in that mid post in terms of passing and getting to that point."

Take a listen to the fantastic interview below and be sure to tune to Rip City Radio 620 for all your Blazers and NBA updates.

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