Caleb Swanigan is ready for Rip City

On Thursday evening the Portland Trail Blazers selected Caleb Swanigan with the number 26 in the NBA Draft.  He joined Travis and Chad on the Rip City Drive Monday to discuss his future here in Portland.

Swanigan says he’s not really worried about where Coach Stotts plans to play him next season.

“It doesn’t really matter to me.  Wherever I need to be for us to win is my biggest thing.  It’s really about not what you do but who you can guard.  I can guard a four and a five, so I feel like that helps me a lot on the court.”

Swanigan also talked about the strongest asset he brings to the team.

“It’s probably just my mind.  My basketball IQ is the biggest thing I try to use on the court and being able to talk and do things that it doesn’t just take talent to do, those are my biggest things that I try to strive off of.  Because that’s what separates you at this level.”

Swanigan also said he’s not going to take anything for granted just because he’s been drafted.

“The biggest thing I have to fight for this summer is an opportunity.  If I get an opportunity, I’m going to try to have 30 rebounds in a game.”

Take a listen to the tremendous interview below and be sure to stay tuned to Rip City Radio 620 for all your Blazers coverage.

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