Thomas Tyner, your newest Oregon State Beaver

Most people know Thomas Tyner as the lightning to Royce Freeman’s Thunder at the University of Oregon, but this fall he will be a graduate transfer at Oregon State University.  He joined Travis and Chad on Rip City Drive on Wednesday to discuss his upcoming season with the Beavers.

Tyner discussed what it was like when he heard Jake Luton had earned the starting spot for the Beavers.

“I’ve seen a lot of great things from Jake Luton.  The one thing that sticks out to me the most is, you can definitely tell he’s a smart quarterback the way he presents himself and the way he reads the defense.”

Tyner also talked about his attitude as he’s gone through Fall camp in Bend.

“When you come in as the new guy, you’re in last place, at least that’s my mentality.  With that being my mentality, I’ve had to work hard and that’s what I’ve been doing in fall camp. I’ve been learning the playbook, learning the system and I’ve had to lose some weight.  And overall, I think I’ve done a very good job with that.”

Finally he broke down his decision to join Oregon State after he graduated from Oregon.

“I was almost done with school at Oregon and that’s when you need to start making decisions for yourself and what you’re going to do with your life – That’s when the real world hits.  And my buddies always told me I could fish the rest of my life, which you can.  And football, that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’ve got a very unique opportunity to do that.  And I found an exception in the NCAA handbook that allowed me to play immediately and I took advantage of it and decided to play football again.”

Take a listen to the great interview, and stay tuned to Rip City Radio 620 for all your Beaver coverage.

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