Earnest Byner never gives up

Earnest Byner spent 14 seasons in the NFL where he amassed more than 13,000 total yards, more than 70 touchdowns and won two Super Bowls. However, most people associate him with one play in the 1987 AFC Championship game. He joined Chad on the Rip City Drive Wednesday to discuss his career, “The Fumble” and how much his life has been affected by that play in 1987.

Byner says he knows a lot of people were disappointed by “The Fumble,” but no one took it as hard as he did.

“I think a lot of people really didn’t understand how personally we as football players, but me in general, took the game. I mean I took the game home with me every day. So when I said I messed it up for everybody, I really felt that way.”

Byner also said that even though he won two Super Bowls, he still couldn't get past the fumble.

“Nothing. None. Zero. The main reason: the fumble is really only a part of Earnest Byner. It’s only part of the story. And it’s a crucial part of the story. But even at that Super Bowl, I was still being asked about the fumble.”

Finally, Byner spoke openly about concussions and the fear he has in regards to his playing days.

“I’m scared. I can tell you that. My life has been affected and it’s affected almost every day because of some of the stuff that I’ve had to deal with and go through…If I could do it all over would I? Yes I, would, because I love the game. But I would do some things differently.”

Take a listen to the great interview and be sure to check out his book: Everybody Fumbles.

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