SEC Guy comes out of retirement on Rip City Drive

The last time we heard from Dr. Karol Kenton Kogslotter, he was announcing his retirement on the Rip City Radio airwaves. Apparently it was just a hoax, because SEC Guy came out of retirement on the Rip City airwaves Thursday in a hilarious and unexpected call.

The doctor started his call pretending to be an Oregon fan from Washington State.

“I was checking to see how my Ducks were going to do this year. I know we only won four games and really went from the penthouse to the outhouse last year. I was wondering if things were going to look any better and if the new head coach was going to bring us back to the glory days of a bowl loss.”

And when asked how things were going to go now that the Ducks had plucked a head coach from SEC Country in Florida he had this to say:

“Let’s be real clear on this, Willie Taggart wasn’t exactly, one of us if you know what I mean…And what I mean by that is winning pedigree in the SEC.”

SEC Guy also made it clear, he doesn’t expect Washington’s great season last year to be duplicated this season.

“Jake Browning throws softer than toilet tissue. He can’t play. And one of his little midget wide receivers is gone.”

Take a listen to this hilarious interview from the good doctor, SEC Guy.

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