Dennis Erickson knows the northwest

Dennis Erickson won two national championships with the Miami Hurricanes, and has coached the Oregon State Beavers, Washington State Cougars, the Seattle Seahawks and the Wyoming Cowboys to new a few teams. He joined Travis and Chad on the Rip City Drive to discuss his career and this weekend’s matchups in Pullman and Laramie. 

Erickson says that the season in which he won the Fiesta Bowl with Oregon State was just as gratifying as any season he’s ever had.  

“You can’t say much more than it was probably one of the best seasons that I was ever involved in.” 

Erickson also talked about what the Beavers need in order to get back to winning, 

“You’ve got to get the guys that fit in there and you’ve got to get athletes obviously. And you’ve got to recruit them for positions and maybe move them to other positions where you think they can really be good. You have to do things like that to build.” 

He also talked about his decision to leave Oregon State and head to San Francisco to coach the 49ers. 

“Of all the moves I’ve made in my life, I regret one and that’s when I left Oregon State to go to the 49ers. Little did I know what the 49ers were about I guess.” 

Finally, he discussed the matchup the Ducks face this weekend when they go on the road to face the Cowboys. 

“Oregon better be ready to play. You’re going to Laramie, Wyoming. That’s almost 7,000 feet and it makes a difference. It really does. And those fans down there, they’re rabid. Be ready to play. Those guys are tough.” 

Take a listen to the fantastic interview and be sure to tune into sister station 1190 KEX this weekend to hear the Beavers and Cougars face off in Pullman.  

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