Isaiah Hodgins saves the day

It wasn’t pretty, but the Beavers walked out of Reser Stadium Saturday with their first victory of the season thanks in large part to Freshman wide receiver Isaiah Hodgins. He joined Travis and Chad on Rip City Drive Tuesday to discuss his big game.

Hodgins insists the guys never thought they were going to lose that game.

“We knew we were going to go down and score. We were telling the defense already, ‘We’re going to score. You guys just do your job after we score.’ We had complete confidence in our two-minute drill and our offense and we knew we were ready and prepared for that moment.”

Hodgins also described what he saw on his go-ahead touchdown catch.

“It’s a play we run every, single day in practice. We practice it a lot and usually it goes to the tight end. But as a wide receiver, you have to be ready for every ball to come to you. The corner was in cover two, he bit on the five-yard out route by the tight end. I looked and I was just praying that Jake saw the same thing that I saw. Luckily he did. He threw the ball perfect to my back shoulder and it was just a play we get every, single day.”

He also talked about the challenges the receivers will face this weekend vs. Minnesota.

“They’re a fast and physical defense, their dbs are fast and well-coached and they play with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. So we just have to go out there every play and match their intensity and energy.”

Take a listen to the great interview and be sure to stay tuned to Rip City Radio 620 for all your updates on the Oregon State Beavers.

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