Johnny "the Jet" Rodgers joins Rip City Drive

In three years with the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Johnny Rodgers was a two-time All American, he won the 1972 Heisman Trophy and College Football News labeled him as the “greatest kick returner in college football history.” He joined Travis and Chad on Rip City Drive on Wednesday to discuss his career, his love for Tom Osborne and this weekend’s game between the Ducks and Cornhuskers.

In 1971, number one Nebraska faced off against number two Oklahoma in what is now known as the “Game of the Century.” Rodgers discussed his memories of the game.

“Both teams were undefeated. We were the number one team in the nation, they were number two. We had the number one defense in the country. They had the number one offense in the country. I guess it was just a test to see who was truly the best because we were both prepared and Oklahoma just pushed us to be the best that we could be.”

Rodgers also discussed why he likes Nebraska coach Mike Riley.

“He definitely has the demeanor of coach Tom Osborne. He’s very low-key, very intellectual and he’s very good with the players.”

Finally, he talked about the future of the Cornhuskers under Mike Riley and his staff.

“I think our future is so bright, we’ve got to wear shades.”

Take a listen to the great interview and be sure to stay tuned to Rip City Radio 620 for all your updates on the Pac-12.

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