Alex Brink talks Beavers vs. Cougs

Two teams that seem to be heading in opposite directions face off this weekend as the Oregon State Beavers go to Pullman, Washington to take on the Cougars. Former WSU quarterback Alex Brink joined Travis and Chad in-studio Thursday to talk about the matchup and discuss his work with EForce Football.

Brink talked about the fact that Washington State always seems to have a good, quality quarterback.

“There’s a lot of guys on the west coast that end up at Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State and they have a chance to flourish and shine in these great programs. So Washington State’s been the beneficiary of great recruiting, a great image around their offense and what makes it tick and some really, really good coaching as well.”

He also said to be patient with Oregon State. Things are improving just a little slower than most fans had hoped.

“Oregon State is a program that has stumbled out of the gate. At the same time, Coach Andersen and his staff, they’re heading in the right direction, recruiting is up a tick, they’re getting guys. You see guys early that are already producing on the field – David Morris from Sherwood High School had 17 tackles in the second half, Isaiah Hodgins the freshman receiver is making an impact. So that’s a positive.”

He also talked about why Washington State seems to be so far ahead of Oregon State as a program while still having a lot of the same disadvantages.

“First of all, as a staff, you have to know the type of player you want to get. Washington State and Mike Leach, the best thing they have is a blueprint around the type of athlete at each position they want and they rarely vary from that blueprint. So you determine what that athlete is and go out and try to find it across the country or in a certain region. Then as a program an as a University, you’ve got to have a story to tell. So for Washington State, they’ve re-done their facilities, they have Mike Leach as their coach, they run the air raid, they have all these things going. So for Oregon State, it’s them building that same story that they can tell recruits.”

Take a listen to the great interview and be sure to check out his EForce Football camp.

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