Bruce Feldman talks college football

The biggest game of the college football weekend will be the Clemson Tigers going on the road to take on the Louisville Cardinals. Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports and Sports Illustrated joined Travis and Chad on Rip City Drive Tuesday to discuss the big game and talk about the rest of the college football landscape.

Feldman says that the player with the most to gain this weekend is Lamar Jackson.

“If Lamar Jackson can have a big game and lead Louisville to a win, especially after how dominant Clemson’s defense looked last week, Lamar Jackson will have a real shot to do what a lot of us in the media didn’t think he had much chance to do, which is: be the first guy in 40+ years to repeat as the Heisman Trophy Winner.”

Feldman also says the Clemson defense has been a little underappreciated mainly because the offense has been so good.

“Last week, Clemson just gave Auburn fits. That’s a pretty dynamic offense and they were held under 200 yards and Clemson had 11 sacks...I think what you may see is a more low-scoring game, just because there’s no Deshaun Watson.”

Feldman also talked about Willie Taggart and the potential of the Oregon Ducks.

“He inherited a really talented, young quarterback in Justin Herbert and I think their offensive line is playing well. I was impressed by what I saw with the Ducks just being around the program for a couple of days, there was such an upbeat energy there…I don’t think they’re quite where they were a couple years ago, but I would not at all be surprised if they won at least eight games this year because I think they’re so good on offense and I think Leavitt is such a good defensive coach.”

Take a listen to the great interview and be sure to tune into Rip City Radio 620 Saturday to hear Clemson and Louisville face off.

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