Tom Osborne is thrilled for Scott Frost

The Nebraska Cornhuskers made the big announcement this weekend that former Huskers QB Scott Frost was coming home to Lincoln to be the next head coach of the Cornhuskers.  The man who coached him to a National Championship, Tom Osborne, joined Rip City Drive with Travis and Chad today to discuss the move.

Osborne insists Frost has been preparing for this job for most of his adult life.

"It gave me great pleasure to see that happen. Not just because he’s a former player, but primarily because he’s exceptionally well-prepared. Very, very few people in football have been an Offensive Coordinator a Defensive Coordinator, have played at the top level of College Football as a quarterback and then the top level of professional football as a Defensive Back. So his background and preparation for this job is tremendous."

Osborne also said that there was no better candidate for this position than Frost.

"I can’t think of a better fit for Nebraska than Scott Frost. So I’m really pleased to see him here. It’s a great honor to have him do as well as he’s done and then come back to Nebraska."

Osborne also marveled at the job Frost has done with the UCF Football team in just two seasons.

"I’ve often said that that’s just a little bit short of miraculous. I don’t think anybody’s ever taken an 0-12 team and in two years have them 12-0. So it’s something that’s been amazing to me to see."

Take a listen to the phenomenal interview and be sure to stay tuned to Rip City Radio for all your updates on the College Football Bowl season and the crazy coaching carousel. 

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