SEC Guy Previews Monday's National Championship

The Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs will face off in tonight’s College Football Playoff National Championship. Although he’s retired, it was only fitting that we track down the foremost authority on SEC Football around these parts: Dr. Karol Kenton Kogslotter, otherwise known as SEC Guy. He came out of retirement to tell us what we need to know about in this matchup.

Everyone knows SEC Guy is a big-time Alabama Crimson Tide fan, but the good doctor also comes from a family of Georgia Bulldogs. So we were curious if he was going to have conflicting rooting interests in tonight’s National Championship.

“We’re always Bama first. But as far as I’m concerned the SEC already won the National Championship. We play for National Championships. And if you know anything about me, you know, if the SEC wins, I win.”

We also asked the question, why is Nick Saban so good, even against his former assistants?

“Well, because he makes you squirt in your drawls. Just like the first time you ever tried to slap fight with your old man.”

SEC Guy also gave his thoughts on the crowd. He implies that even though the game is in Atlanta, the Crimson Tide will still command the bulk of the crowd.

“I suspect about 80 percent Alabama, 20 percent Georgia, but the most important part, 100 percent SEC.”

Take a listen to the hilarious interview and be sure to look for him on social media this evening as the Crimson Tide and Bulldogs battle it out for supremacy.

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