Pianist Michael Allen Harrison

On August 11th Ten Pianos and Ten Pianists present one of the most entertaining shows in the country. There is no other show like it. The sound of Ten Pianos has something for everyone all presented at Ron Tonkin Field in Hillsboro.  The starting line up includes creator Michael Allen Harrison, Jazz Great Tom Grant , Rising Star Mac Potts, New Age Legend John Nilsen, , Piano Man/Portland Police Sgt. Jim Quakenbush,, Home Run Vocalist Julianne Johnson And singer songwriter American Idol star Haley Johnsen from Beaverton, Oregon  Ten Grands Pays tribute to The Oregon Hall Of Fame Baseball players and it’s Also Michael Allen Harrison’s 60thBirthday.  The show ends with an American Tribute And Fireworks Show!!! The Ultimate Field Of Dreams ~ Ten Grands On The Diamond Aug. 11th at Ron Tonkin Field.